The Requirements of your move

The Requirement of Your Move

Moving from one place to another place is not just a task but a responsibility too. While moving one who is in a leading role needs to understand and draw many sketches in mind. Here are the requirements you need to complete before moving.

Essential requirements to be fulfilled 

  • Ask yourself why you are moving?
  • Where to move?
  • A written estimation of moving 
  • A legal document of the abandoned place
  • A legal booklet of the new place
  • Your mover’s(moving agency) liability and your claims 
  • ID cards and all regular legal documents of every family member
  • Waiver discussion with the agency

Ask yourself why you are moving?

This is a very important question a family head should ask before moving. The need of move and does it worth? Are you moving to your dream place or what? These questions must be addressed before moving. In short, there should be no uncertainty about this step because moving is not a task it is a responsibility.

Where to move?

Make a decision about the location of a new place. For instance, it could be a nearby place, a new city, or a different country. When you will be clear about this question then you can take a step forward. Make sure either to pay a physical or virtual visit to a new place or confirm it is legal before purchasing or signing a legal document.  

A written estimation of moving 

Budget is necessary to be made and followed. According to the budget, one can select the agency to be hired for the task. From documentation to final touchup to new place everything should be counted and recorded.

A legal document of the abandoned place

Keep a copy of the legal documents of the place you are leaving. If you are selling keep a copy of that too for future use.

A legal booklet of a new place

Just like the old place you should have a legal booklet which carries property papers, and address, information of contact person, etc of a new place.

Your mover’s (moving agency) liability and your claims

Before confirming the agency you are required to ask about your claims. For example, if they fail to deliver stuff on time or break something etc then what can you claim?

ID cards and all regular legal documents of every family member

Identity documents, birth certificates, driving license, passports, etc of each family member should get done before thinking to move. Sometimes attempt of moving is failed just because of the unavailability of any of these documents.

Waiver discussion with the agency

This is the most economical responsibility of a leading element. Discuss the waiver before confirming the agency. For example, if a10 pounds object worth $1000 was either lost and broken by the agency then the mover is liable for only $6 because their policy is they are liable for 0.6$ for a weight of 10 pounds. This is of course not an economic deal so you should think before getting into such kind of agreement.