Commercial Moving Service In Dubai

Residential moving and commercial moving may sound similar but they are different from each other. Commercial relocation typically requires more planning and effort as compared to residential moving. Commercial moving involves a complex and strict timeline and rules. Commercial movers and packers help you to install your stuff at the new commercial place and also help you manage your new design and plan for the commercial place.

Commercial Move With Mili Movers

If you’re thinking of moving then you are in the right place, Mili Packers and Movers is an international moving company. We are committed to providing the highest level of services to our clients all over the world with care, honesty, and integrity. There are several commercial moving companies. But being an honest and able commercial mover will help and guide you to lay out a new plan.

Being top furniture movers in Dubai, we are also responsible for necessary pre-move consultation and preparations. Since Mili Movers offers multiple services, we are here to help you with commercial, residential, office, and villa moving. We also manage the transition with a nearby place, a different city, or a different country. If you are looking for a furniture moving company so, For 11 years Mili movers and packers have offered commercial moving services to move you anywhere. Our top priority is to guide you for the move by informing move estimation, cost, date, etc for free of cost.

Furniture Moving Company – Commercial Movers

Shifting is not easy. When it comes to furniture moving it includes heavy beds, dresses, and filing cabinets. But you don’t need to worry about your belongings. We are here with a team of qualified experts. We also know that the relocation process can be very stressful when you are busy with your daily work routine. For 11 years we have been working as a furniture moving company that also offers warehouse and storage services. Our team will pack, load, transport, and unload your stuff carefully.

Commercial Move Steps

These steps are expressed so that our clients get to know everything easily and no query of our clients remains unanswered or unsolved.

  1. Pre-Move Consultation

As defined in our business protocol, we offer online and physical pre-move consultations or demo meetings to our clients. We schedule a consultation as per desire and availability for our customers. Our experienced manager and team analyze and examine the stuff to be moved. We also discuss your requirements, view your goods, estimate the volume, and discuss the budget, packing, and storage options.

  1. Quotation

No matter whether you are moving to a small house or a big office, you will have a great experience with the services of Mili Packers and Movers. After offering you a free of cost pre-move consultation and analyzing your stuff our manager designed and developed a free quotation for you. The quotation includes every minor detail of the project. It incorporates equipment details like weight and volume, packing material, manpower to be assigned for the task, payment methods, etc.

  1. Services

Mili Movers and Packers offer multiple services. Our services include pre-move planning and consultation, moving management, and the decision of moving date, day, and time. We also offer post-move support and care. From logistics to storage, Mili Movers does every minor and major job for you under the supervision of professional workers and staff.

  1. Packing And Loading

Mili Packers and Movers has hired a team of professional and qualified workers who pack and load your belongings with great care and professionalism. We also provide a service for online tracking so that our clients can track their luggage anytime.

  1. Shipping And Transportation

We offer shipping and transportation through air, sea, and land.


What do i need to do during my Commercial Move?

It’s not your responsibility, we are here for your help. Our clients don’t need to pick even a single box.

How do we choose the best commercial movers?

There are different moving companies in UAE and Dubai. But you will find us the best commercial movers, our individuals have advanced techniques that help in the moving process.

How do you calculate the cost of commercial moving services?

These rates depend upon different factors such as several items and packing material, and distance from the the new location.