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Furniture Moving Service in Dubai

Once you decide to move out of your current place and want to move into a new place. No matter you’re an individual or a company, moving to a new place is stressful. You need to be well organized and prepare yourself to face the hurdles of packing and shifting.

You make and decorate your home or office with different attractive accessories and furniture while shifting you get to worry about the packing of your furniture and other belongings to safely handle Cause there’s always the possibility of damage. All you need to concern with professionals such as Mili Movers and Packers, our professionally trained furniture movers can help and guide you to move.

Furniture Moving service with Mili Movers and Packers

For 11 years Mili Movers and Packers offer moving services to move you anywhere. Mili movers and packers do everything you desire for moving to a new place. We have multiple teams of professionals such as a group of professional packers, trained personnel for packing and shipping. We offer local, international, national commercial, residential, moving at very affordable and reasonable rates with high integrity and care of your belongings. From packing, shipping, unpacking to wall fixing, attaching, and setting we offer reliable services under the supervision of professional and trained staff. So if you are thinking to move your residential place Mili movers and packers are here to take your headache and accomplish your task with professionalism.

Mili Movers and Packers Furniture Moving Steps

  1. Pre-move consultation

We offer both virtual and in-person pre-move consultation in which we will be looking into your furniture, do a survey. We also discuss your requirements, view your goods, estimate the volume and discuss the budget, packing, and storage options, and provide a customized moving quote.

  1. Quotation

The quotation is made by our manager after surveying and analyzing your stuff and belongings to be moved. The quotation is made keeping every minor detail like weight, amount, and several belonging to create a fair quotation. We also provide an online tracking service so that our customers can easily trace their belongings. The quotation also contains the date, time, departure and arrival dates, etc.

  1. Packing and Loading

Through the whole process of Packing, loading unpacking, and unloading, Milli Movers and packers ensure the safety of your valuable furniture such as dining table, bed, piano, etc. Our specialized movers and pack your belongings including wooden and glass furniture inefficient way through Bubble plastic and carton boxes to protect them from damage and move your furniture carefully around stairs and tricky corners. Milli Movers and packers provide you door-to-door delivery service. Our Professional movers reassemble the furniture and other belonging as per directions of the client as they reach their new destination.

  1. Shipping and Transportation

We offer different shipment techniques and transportation including sea, by air, and by land as per customer desire. We also customize shipment routes.  

If you’re ready to move to a new place so fill out our free quote for furniture moving.